people researcher + SOLUTION DESIGNER, COmedian, WRITER, PODCAST HOST for 4 years my work in tech has focused on PERSONAL FINANCE FOR FINANCIALLY VULNERABLE PEOPLE




In my professional life, I help organizations understand how human experiences are shaped by technology as we develop a viewpoint on how to move forward. I interview people to uncover insights and then engage teams with the meaningful bits, compare that with data, facilitate alignment on problems to tackle and solutions to test.  Sometimes I put my designer hat back on and design solutions myself. Other times, I support designers. When needed, I create workshops for teams - often enlivened by "mini-museums" or co-synthesis games - to ensure deeper dialogue as we identify the right problems to solve and iterate toward the most effective solutions. 


UX skills


  • Generative studies that uncover actionable insights

    • Ethnographic studies: in-home / on-site deep dives.

    • Interviewing pro specialized in sensitive and tangled topics

    • Creating activity kits for interviews that facilitate deeper learning in a codified way.

  • Immersive storytelling

    • Journey Mapping

    • Creating "Mini-Museums"

    • Leveraging big data to give context to human stories

  • Evaluative testing

    • Rapid iteration through testing of concepts & prototypes

  • Supporting career growth of jr. researchers

UX + Service Design

  • Fostering cross functional involvement in design research

    • Facilitating Design Sprints

  • System architecture

  • Prototyping

2 yrs iN entertainment

Co-Host of the “Money Ha Ha” Podcast with Dara M. Wilson, available on all podcast channels

Writer: “Aunties Inc.” A TV show about women in tech. Currently seeking programming.

Standup Performances at various SF and Oakland venues including: Cobbs Comedy Club, Purple Onion, Piano Fight, Stagewerx, Mutiny Radio

Produced and hosted: Unapologetic Comedy in Berkeley

8 yrs iN TECH

Details on Linkedin

Even Responsible Finance 2019 - present

Credit Karma 2014 - 2018

AutoDesk 2013-2014

Wells Fargo 2012 - 2013

Ninth Coast Technology 2011-2012



Rhode Island School of Design, MA 2010

Educational exhibit design

University of California at Berkeley, BA 2004

The practice of art

University of California at Irvine, general ed

Concentration: cognitive neuroscience


Talks & Interviews


3 Big Questions With Dara Wilson and Yasmine Khan on Money, Shame, and Financial Wellness

Minutes Magazine, June 2019


"People Nerds" profile

Feb 2018


Podcast with Aliya Janjua

March 2018

UserTesting Webinar

May 2017



Design Thinking is a framework that places researched human stories at the center of product or service strategy. I've written some short articles that describe best practices I've found to be useful. "Design Thinking in a Nutshell" is pending.


Researchers: stay safe and reasonably uncomfortable.


Big + Little Stories


Qual + Quant Data

Working Together


Design Thinking:

How + why to put user research into

workshops + mini-museums


WRITING IN PROGRESS: “Design Thinking in a Nutshell”

This is a big endeavor article. Feedback and questions very welcome.


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